Wilson Staff D300 Hybrids

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With technology to help you get the ball airborne easily, this powerful D300 hybrid is ideal if you’re looking to bridge the gap between your long irons and fairway woods.

Compared to the D200 hybrid it replaced, the D300 boasts a progressive head design, which means the lower lofted models are larger and more forgiving to hit into long par-4s and par-5s, while the higher lofted hybrids are easier to control and shape when going for flags.

Key features and benefits of the D300 hybrid:

  • Micro Vortex Generators reduce drag for increased head speed and distance
  • Steel face insert is thinner to increase ball speeds and maximise distance
  • Sole designed to be versatile for use from the fairway and rough
  • Lower lofts have larger heads to add forgiveness
  • Higher lofts have more compact heads to aid control and workability

Coming in a choice of heads from 2-iron to 5-iron replacements, it's imperative that you undergo a fitting to see which hybrid's distance and control best blends in with your set.

Get in touch if you'd like a fitting.